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Headphones Not Woking Solve Now

So the other day, I turn on my computer back here and load up fortnight to play for a bit with some friends and once in the game. I realized that I could hear my friends, but they couldn't hear me the heads that I've been using for the past six months or so is the Corsair void Pro and up until this …

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Headphones Check Control Panel

Subscribe to channel and press the bell icon for the latest updates. The Builder welcome to know. Mr. welcome to my new video in this video. I am going to show you how to case headphones are not working understand. Currently, I have attached my headphone on my PC, but it's not working so now. I am s…

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Sound Not Coming From Headphones - How to Fix It

Hello and welcome Andy here and I've got a quick tutorial for you now. This is for people that have upgraded to Windows 10, and you have an issue where the sound on your computer does not automatically go to the headphones when you plug them into the front Jack of the computer. Now this is got a sim…

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